Selling a House or Apartment

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Selling a House or Apartment

Our home is usually our most important asset. Making a mistake during the sale process  could have a significant impact on your finances and lifestyle.

Before your real estate agent can start marketing your property,whether it be an email database campaign,on line or open inspection,you are responsible to have a sale contract ready. Failure to have your contract ready is an offence under NSW law and could lead to fines.


How Can We Help ?

As conveyancers and property lawyers,we have the education and expertise that will help make sure your sale goes the way you intend.This includes putting in place a sale contract that contains all the important certificates and disclosures about your property,together with any tailored terms that you require.

Once you find a buyer,we will negotiate with the buyers solicitor to make sure that you still sell on terms that are acceptable to you.