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Buying a House or Apartment

For most of us,buying a home is often the biggest financial decision we’ll ever make (especially in Sydney,where property prices can be astronomical).

So any uniformed decision can have profound long-term consequences on your finances and your overall quality of life.

As specialist conveyancers and property lawyers,we know how to guide you through the conveyancing process,each step of the way,whether it be that you are buying a house or a strata title property,either at auction,or by private treaty.

How Can We Help ?

Your rights depend,in a large part,on what is contained in the contract prepared by the seller of the property.It is our job to carefully review such contract,identify crucial information and inform you on the terms of sale.

As conveyancers and property lawyers,we can quickly let you know if certain conditions are not in your best interests,and use our extensive experience and negotiation skills to best protect you.